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Dearest Corrine,

       I love you more than words can say.  If man had invented the words that I could use to tell you how I feel I think that society as we know it would cease to exist.  The world would be a better, brighter place.  Full of love and kindness.  Full of romance and playfulness.  I can not describe how wonderful you make me feel.  How alive I feel when we are together.  How amazed I am when I think of you when we are apart.

       Your love is so magnificent that the world can not imagine it.  There is no way to quantify it, to hold it for examination.  I can not comprehend it.  It is beyond my experience.  I wish that I could hold it up to the world and say, “Here is real love, look into its depths, wonder at its completeness.” 

       I wish that I could go with you to Mexico.  To lie on the sand, to hold you in my arms, to love you under the sun.  To relax with you, feel you close to me, loving me.  To see you frolicking on the beach like a little girl.  To play with you and discover the world around us.  You make life so much fun.  Your sense of wonder and excitement are too good to be true.

       I love you Corrine, more than I could ever express.  More than celestial mechanists could comprehend.  More than I ever thought I would love anyone.  Our weekend together was a real treat.  A wonderful experience that I will never forget.  Having you with me at night and in the morning was a real gift.  More than I could have ever hoped to receive.  You are my special angel, sent from up above.  I want my special angel here to watch over me.  ( and so I can watch over you)

       What more can I say, every corpuscle in my body has your name written, no engraved on it.  Every beat of my heart says, “Corrine, Corrine, Corrine.”  Every neural impulse contains memories of us together, smiling, laughing, loving. 

       I do love you so Corrine.  I want to hold you in my arms forever.

       Your secret lover,