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Good morning sweetie,
I miss you so very much.  Your talking about the firewalk and that you have to do it and not wait and let the moment pass was very poignant.  I feel as though I have spent all year looking back at what I could have done rather than looking ahead at what I can change.  The only thing that I can change is the future, not the past.  I think that you have noticed a change in me the last couple of days after I realized this.  I feel far more energized and far more committed to change than I ever have.

I feel as though I have been in a fog for so long.  I love you so very much Corrine and I need to know how you feel.  Is there any hope of getting back that wonderful fire that was our love?  Have I killed it?  You have been so distant in the last few months and it is killing me, but I can understand your reluctance to continue as we were.  I have been such an idiot.  You were so right all along.  I MUST listen to my heart and not the voices in my head.  Fear has ruled my life for long enough.  I must break free from this or I will certainly drown and never get out of it's control.

I so wanted to say this to you in person this morning but once again my parasite is having a field day inside my head.
I have never been happier than when we were together, dancing to our song.  The emotion so thick that it was streaming down our faces.  I do love you so very much Corrine, I hope that I'm not too late.


I love you, Happy Valentines Day!