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Wood Stork in

Frederick County Maryland


On Monday August 2, 1999 George Dudley saw an unusual bird while getting his newspaper at 7:30 AM.

After several minutes of careful observation George went back to the house and consulted his field guides. He immediately discovered that it was a Wood stork.He couldnít remember if the bill was yellow or not so he continued to look for the bird.After checking in Stauffer Millerís guide to Frederick County and Claudia Wildís guide to the area, he called the Frederick County Chapter of MOS to report the sighting of a rare bird for the county.Several observers were there in force that evening.One group, after hours of unproductive searching, left to scout other nearby locations just before a second group showed up.This second group got to see the bird when it made its last appearance after sunset.

The following photos are by George Dudley, taken as the light was fading.Shutter speeds were in the Ĺ to 2-second range.They definitely show a first year Wood stork at his farm.

Thanks George for getting the word out so quickly and for your kind hospitality.


Wilbur Hershberger

Pres. Fred. Co. MOS